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 Have you ever had a set of Outfit that you felt so comfortable in and you would never want to get rid of? If yes, it might be just your luck but with us, you never have to worry about where to find them again. We do our best to know what you are looking for.


Who are we? Kimlud is an online luxury fashion shop which capitalizes on the E-commerce technologies bridging the geographical distances between shoppers and fashion designers. Kimlud is more than just about a passion of fashion and style - it's an ode to joy of living celebrating modern girls and women diversity and dreams.
What do we do? helps girls and women discover and shop high-quality products and brands for all budgets.  We provide to girls/women an awesome online shopping experience with carefully selected affordable quality products from emerging independent new labels and from mainstream brands.  Our products are sold online worldwide via our online shop throughout the world (among others: the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, China Korea, Japan, Singapour, Thailand,...).'s affordable quality fashion, beauty and lifestyle products, help people create their chic style, create fun looks while living happy transformational lifestyle experiences traveling and having active outdoor leisure.

 Who We do it for? We help girls and women who love clothes discover new trends and the great sale events for a better lifestyle.  Our vision of a modern girl/woman is a blend of soft and strong, fierce and feminine person, who embraces her inner beauty and shops to create her own style!  Ladies, we have a little corner to shop gifts for kids or/and for "Mr. Right".

What do girls and women need?  Girls and women want to feel at their best. They want to enhance their own style and their family lifestyle.
How what we do could change girls and women?  With fashion, accessories, and cosmetics,  we make a difference in people everyday life(style), we help girls/women find and shop items to:
KIMLUD SHOP carries many types of fashion styles for women who are the true jewels of life, the gifts to the world and the inspiration for many artistic creations. Our designers celebrate the Queen in every girl/woman by creating stunning beautiful styles with a final touch of chic to inspire each of you to express your evolving looks in your very own style.
KIMLUD x DESIGNERS creations reflect the mutations of our global changing world.
Looking back in the world history, fashion design had never been contained within a set of borders or boundaries. Kimlud pursuits the same global inspiration.
Our choice expresses the love of the wonders of nature and a flavor of all the inspiring places in the world that have a deep meaning to us.  We love the creations that speak to us, transcend time and space, inspire girls and women and connect them to the world culture of the past, present, and future.
KIMLUD EDITS include the content of and KL's MAG and bring you edits about the latest must-have in beauty & body rejuvenation products, chic fashion and style inspiration. Discover the world with ustravel and learn about other world culture and lifestyle in this era of digital transformation.
KIMLUD EDITOR'S PICKS are carefully curated to resonate with you at a price you perceive as having a good value. Find items you need to create your unique style from.  At we advocate for self-expression. Our Tips for you:
Happy shopping!